We always try to fulfill all the work of your dear parents with respect

Welcome to Guruge Elders’ Care (Pvt) Ltd , Sri Lanka

Guruge Elders Care (Pvt) Ltd is a community of elders and those who love them. Members of our community benefit from a comprehensive bouquet of curated elder care at home, offers, and activities, through an app designed exclusively for elders.

We know elders love being at home. And we’re committed to keeping them there. 90% of an elder’s concerns aren’t about healthcare but about the routine challenges of life. That’s why our approach to elderly care is different. We offer best elder care services at home right from emergency support, help with errands, lively activities, sensors for home safety, regular health monitoring, access to verified nurses and much more.

We always try to fulfill all the work of your dear parents with respect

Our Services:  

Skilled Nursing Service – Elderly health services – Monthly medical services – Full attention and hospitalization in case of emergencies – Radio and TV programs – Religious and Spiritual Development programs – Friendly, efficient staff – 24 hour security

ඔබේම ආදරණීය මව්පියන්ගේ සියලු කටයුතු ගෞරවාන්විතව ඉටුකර දෙන්නට අප හැමවිටම උත්සහ කරමු.

අපගේ සේවාවන්:

දක්ෂ පුහුණු හෙද සේවාව – වැඩිහිටි සෞඛ්‍ය සේ – මාසික වෛද්‍ය ප්‍රතිකාරක සේවා – හදිසි අවස්ථා වලදී පූර්ණ අවධානය සහ රෝහල් ගතකිරීම් – වැඩිහිටි රූපවාහිනී සහ ගුවන්විදුලි වැඩසටහන් – ආගමික සහ අධ්‍යාත්මික සංවර්ධනය – සුහදශීලී, කාර්යක්ෂම කාර්ය මණ්ඩලය – 24 පැයේ ආරක්ෂාව…” ගුරුගේ වැඩිහිටි සුරැකුම් (පුද්ගලික) සමාගම

We were awarded Best Elderly Care Center 2022 & Youg Social Entrepreneur 2022 at Pinnacle Sri Lanka Awards Ceremony.

When people have worked hard throughout their life, we think they deserve extra cherishing’

Chairman’s Message

As a person gets older, their body becomes weaker and their mind begins to change unexpectedly. It is relative but something that happens to the majority. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the ducument. However, with the above changes, there are various problems when staying at home with children during old age and illness.

Given the current economic and educational situation, children and grandchildren at home do not have the freedom to interact with adults. It is a problem that cannot be solved. Because to maintain a family, both spouses have to earn money. Similarly, in order to rise in the level of education, children have to take extra classes and extra education after school hours.